Marina has supported and cheered my health goals for over two years. I dreaded training with weights, even though I knew it was essential to health, now it is something I look forward to. Marina brings so much joy and fun to working out, all while maintaining a safe plan, which means I have never had injuries when I have worked out with her; She has supported my weight loss goals with gentle, non-judgmental guidance during her Vibrant Veggie Cleanses. I feel like I won the jackpot when I found such a dedicated and holistic health professional. Marina is truly amazing!
- Wendy Anderson

Marina combines an ever growing knowledge of the world of nutrition, health and fitness with her wonderful empathy and big heart in her successful practice. I am very picky about who I refer to and I would feel confident referring my family and close friends to Marina!
- J J Virgin, Celebrity Nutritionist & Exercise Expert and Author of "Art of Losing it"

Just a note to say that the awareness & attention to her client's well-being is the primary reason I work with Marina as my personal trainer. She is diverse in her study of what makes people their best. It is obvious that she cares and it is also obvious that she is dynamic in whatever she pursues.
- Max DuBois, artist & entrepreneur

Through Metabolic Typing, Marina helped me to discover easy ways to tweak my diet that are specific for me and my needs. After a lifetime of struggling with digestive issues, I am now feeling lighter, healthier, and more in balance in just a few weeks. Marina is truly a dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable professional, who goes above and beyond in her quest to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.
- Lori Furbush, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master

Through working with Marina, I have learned about a whole new world - a vegan lifestyle. Though I have not transitioned over to 100% vegan, I have made significant lifestyle changes to my diet to reflect more vegetarian choices that includes a daily green smoothie! The day is just not the same without the smoothie. Marina is caring and supportive for anyone considering dietary changes for overall better health.
- Susan Hazy

Marina Jennifer James makes transitioning to a healthy, plant based diet a wonderful adventure! I recommend her Vibrant Veggies cleanses to all of my patients who want to change their health from the inside.
- Dr. Christina M Dumbadse, Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

Let me start of by first saying what a profound improvement Marina’s programs and coaching have had on not only my overall health, but my mind and spirit as well. I am an average middle age male professional who has a family history of medical issues and I did not want to fall into that trap if I could help it. While I’ve always considered myself active and fit, I have struggled with my weight along with high blood pressure and cholesterol. After completing several of Marina’s cleanses this past year, and getting my diet and exercise routes on track, I have lost 60+ pounds and feeling better than I have ever felt. I am now completely medication free with normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. My athletic abilities and recovery times have improved so much it’s almost scary. I am a completely different person and friends, family, and colleagues comment nearly every day. Whether you are already eating healthy and are super fit, or just wanting to make better health choices and get into better shape, I would highly recommend seeing what Marina and her Vibrant Veggie programs have to offer. They have truly changed my life.
- Mike Burns

Last March I discovered Marina through my co-workers and decided to sign up for one of her Vibrant Veggie Cleanses. I had just gone through a traumatic family event and was feeling physically and emotionally depleted. After just three weeks of working with Marina I had lost weight, increased my metabolism, and began to feel like “myself” again. I made the decision to continue working with Marina on my wellness and nutrition, and I also began training with her. She has taught me how to balance work, life, nutrition, wellness, and exercise along with having fun. Over the years I have tried every possible diet and various forms of exercise to lose weight and reshape my body and gain wellness. I can honestly say I have found the formula - it is Marina!
- Christie Archer

Your insight and discipline in your own lifestyle has made such a positive impact on mine. Thank you for being such a good influence and friend. Your choices affect so many.
- Jeff Pearce, Studio Fitness Owner/Personal Trainer

I have known Marina since my first Vibrant Veggie Cleanse which was in September, and I have now done 3 cleanses with her. Following her program helped me refine and fine-tune my health even more as a Acupuncturist. I had a good knowledge already, but with Marina's help I was able to go even deeper and learn more to benefit my health. She is very knowledgeable and she cares for each and every one of her clients. She works on an individual basis by understanding the differences of where everyone is at. I HIGHLY recommend her for assistance into anyone's journey...enjoy!
- Kim Vandeveer LAc, MSOM, CNT Practitioner

I must praise Marina for her fantastic 28 Day Vibrant Veggie Cleanse! I feel it was meant to be finding her as she lives in California and I am in Missouri! She offered this cleanse at such an affordable rate and not only gave us her time with weekly one on one calls, but provided us with tremendous educational material, oodles of recipes, daily supportive emails, and access to her anytime we had a question or concern. This was JUST what I needed to embark on this cleanse. I had never attempted cleansing on this deep of level before so it was a bit scary to me, but I felt confident with having Marina leading me and it was that confidence and accountability that helped me stay focused and see this through to the end. It was so well worth it, and I would do it again and recommend it to others without a doubt. Thanks you so much Marina for all your support!
- Elizabeth Diebold, LMT