Animal Reiki

Animal ReikiMarina took her first animal reiki course with Reiki Master Teacher Kathleen Prasad at Brighthaven Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, CA, and then received her Reiki Master Teacher Certification with Reiki Master Teacher Lori Furbush in Santa Rosa, CA.

Marina initially used her Animal Reiki training with her four rescued animals (2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats) that all have had some imbalances from their previous situations before being adopted. She saw some amazing shifts within them, and expanded her work in this area to volunteering at various animal sanctuaries in Santa Rosa, CA, where she has worked with horses, chickens, geese, goats, dogs, and cats. All have come from difficult situations, and she loves seeing their health and behavior shift in a positive way. You will love seeing your animal shift, too, under Marina's hands.

Visit Marina's Healing Dog Walking site for more information.

Marina did a reiki session with my two dogs recently and it was amazing to see them respond to her energy. My lab, Ally, soaked up the vibes, and my insecure/traumatized dog, Kirby, flirted with it despite his nerves but was drawn to the energy. He kept coming up to Marina and standing nearby and wanting to experience it. It soothed him which is such a blessing as he's always a big ball of neurotic jitters! Thanks again Marina for a powerful session and for sharing your gift. - Ginette King